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Brief introduction

We make a meticulous plan for the future of every child!

    Changsha Country Garden Venice Bilingual School is the 6th Member of Country Garden Education Group. Country Garden, the leading real estate company in China has gained high reputation not only in business circle but also for its devotion to education. Guangdong Country Garden (IB World) School, the first member of Country Garden Education Group is regarded as a banner of private schools in the country which is famous for its advanced management and prominent grades in IB Diploma Examinations. It is one of the few schools in mainland China which implements IB education from IBPYP throughout IBDP.
    Changsha Country Garden Venice Bilingual School, the newest member of Country Garden Education Group, is founded on the base of the successful experiences of the other 5 member schools. With the characteristics of internationalized education and English education, the school facilitates the students who intend to study in international schools and further study abroad.
    Changsha Country Garden Venice Bilingual School is a top-notch school of consummate modern facilities and a beautiful campus with all kinds of functional rooms, including study rooms, dancing rooms, music rooms, art rooms, piano rooms, laboratories and gymnasiums. All the laboratories are equipped in accordance with the highest national standards. Every classroom is set up with multimedia equipment. The school also has a 200-meter track field of an international standard, basketball courts, volleyball courts, badminton gyms, swimming pools, libraries and biological gardens. The school designs small class teaching with an average of 28 children in kindergarten and the maximum of 38 students in primary school and junior high school to enable more individual care for each child.
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